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Because you don't need another monthly charge. Watch LIVE video, series and complete messages FREE and level up your Spiritual Knowledge

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Join now and access a full library of free curated content. Find shows, messages, courses and so much more from all over the world! All MiracleTV videos are available to download offline, so you can watch wherever your are. New videos added weekly... and yes, everything is completely ad-free!

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Watch Live Streaming video, for free. Learn something new, make a new hobby or just be entertained... Not mention, the new home of The Miracle Centre Global Church! Just like all MiracleTV content, Live Video is completely ad-free, delivered in higher detail than anywhere else and features no distractions - a greater experience for both viewer and streamer!

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Level up with MiracleTV Premium Courses. Want to learn the secrets of Healing? or how to operate in the Glory? Get the Course and access the full revelation, complete with other course materials, with a one-time purchase. Any new and updated content based on purchased Courses will be added free of charge!

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Join a platform that doesn't discriminate you for your beliefs. No algorithms to fight, no distracting ads, no trolls and no random content takedowns! Whether you're into movie reviews, game streaming, a talk show... No matter your style, we want YOUR content! Get increased engagement and longer watch times with minimal effort. Interested in creating your own Course? Already have a teaching series? Want to create a new revenue stream? Move your content to the Next Level enabling increased sales, a worldwide audience and every screen in their house. Custom packages and provisional free airtime* available.

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