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  • Intercession | Fri 9 Jun 2023

    Join us as we pray together! Get ready for a powerful encounter with God.

  • Global Church | Sun 11 Jun 2023

    Join us for an Interactive Global Church Experience! Get ready for a encounter, and tell us where you're watching from in the Comments!

    Send your prayer requests and we'll pray for you!

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  • Enter The Tabernacle


    Do you know Jesus Christ? He is the King of Kings, He is the Son of Man. He is our perfect sacrifice, and He is the Son of God. To experience the fullness of the power of God we must have a revelation of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ that we serve.

    Yet another Mighty outpouring from Heaven a...

  • Run Your Race


    God never leaves us when we are going through a fire, but He’s in the fire with us. So don’t hold your praises back from the Lord because when we worship Him, we awaken our weary soul and attract our breakthrough.
    Join Apostle Jessie and experience the glory of God through this powerful, prophet...

  • The Joshua Generation


    You are not of the generation of struggle and oppression in Egypt. You are of the triumphant "Joshua" generation - the generation of the Spirit - who conquered territories and inhabited the promised land. Step out from the darkness and oppression of Egypt into your promised land with Apostle Jess...

  • The Double-Edged Sword (Session 2) | Live UnCut Sermon

    Every time you see the rain fall, plants grow or even the sun shine - you are seeing God's Words in action. His Word never returns void - so speak His Truth over your life. In this powerful series, Ap. Jessie continues on the power of your words. Learn the authority of your words spoken over othe...

  • Pentecost 2023


    The Day of Pentecost marks the coming of the Holy Spirit - the Third Person of the Trinity. When God sent us His Holy Spirit, He was sent with a divine purpose, part of that purpose was to bring restoration and to birth an unstoppable church. How? During Pentecost, God reunited those who were sca...

  • The Upperroom Experience


    Psalm 92:12: "The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree, He shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon." God promised the Holy Spirit, to bring man to fullness again, so we may be the sons He originally made us to be - authoritative, productive, and bringing Him Glory.

    Apostle Jessie Moodley ministe...

  • What Jesus Did For You When He Ascended


    "After the Lord Jesus had spoken to them, He was taken up into heaven and He sat at the right hand of God." (Mar 16:19)
    The Ascension of Jesus was for you and me. When Jesus died, we were crucified with Christ. When Jesus was raised from the dead, we were raised with Him and we too shall ascend l...

  • You Can Grow MiracleTV+


    MiracleTV+ was created with the vision to help all grow and abide in the Word of God. Through MiracleTV+, whole families are brought together. Millions are saved, healed and delivered as lives are changed forever by the power of God.

    MiracleTV+ is a project of Siva Moodley Ministries and is spon...

  • His Breath in Me


    Job 33:4: “For the Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.”
    Without the Spirit of God in our lives, we are spiritually dead. God breathed His breath of life into each of us and so we have a purpose. We carry the Breath of God on the earth to create and to ensure ...

  • Mother's Day 2023


    The greatest 'mother' is the Holy Spirit. He incubated you and gave birth to you. He now lives inside you and wants to be welcomed. He wants to turn your sorrow to joy, to restore and renew you. When you welcome Him, your life takes bloom. For every mother, daughter, sister, brother, son, and fat...

  • The Secrets of Creation

    Movie + 1 extra

    Between Genesis 1 verses 1 and 2, lies the story of the pre-Adamic world and the first flood. Discover with Apostle Jessie Moodley, the mysteries of creation and your crucial part to play in it. Unlike those who came before you, mankind was created in the image of God and called to rule this eart...

  • The Double-Edged Sword

    Movie + 1 extra

    Your words will either create or destroy. The entire course of nature, your future, life, destiny and circumstances are controlled by your words. There is nothing so great or powerful on this earth that can't be turned by your words - so what are you saying? You will eat the fruit of your words (...

  • Born to Stand Out


    While everyone around them bowed to fear and compromise, four Hebrew men stood alone and tall. From the time they were captured by their oppressors, to their finest moments of legacy, Daniel and his friends stood out from the crowd - and God stood by them. Death, fear and compromise had lost its ...

  • The Battle for Your Soul


    Child of God, don’t sleep or slumber. Everyday as children of God we are faced with the decision to either prioritize seeking the Kingdom of God and righteousness or to get entangled with the world. Like the 5 virgin girls in Matthew 25, God urges us to stay in intimacy with him daily so that the...

  • Become God's Vessel of Prayer


    When we pray, we are in constant communion with God, a communion that always leads to a manifestation of his presence in your life or those you are praying for.

    James 5:16: "The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective". The world is in desperate need of the presence of God and as ...

  • The Power in You
    Movie + 1 extra

    The Power in You

    Movie + 1 extra

    The most powerful force in the universe lives in you. It's the same force that caused blind eyes to see, set the captives free from demonic bondage and brought the dead back to life. Resurrection power defeated death itself, but it doesn't come from Heaven. The power that raised the crucified Jes...

  • Jesus In All Of Leviticus | Spoken Gospel

    14 items

    The Day of Atonement, The Year of Jubilee, The Sacrificial System, Be Holy As I Am Holy—so much happens in the book of Leviticus. These video bible study devotionals help you dive more deeply into Leviticus, looking at what is happening in the text and how it points to Jesus.

  • Passover 2023
    Movie + 2 extras

    Passover 2023

    Movie + 2 extras

    Get ready for miracles, healings, breakthroughs, the glory of God and more with Apostle Jessie Moodley & Pastor David Moodley this Passover week (2 April 2023 - 9 April 2023). Experience the glory of God. Hear the call of Jesus for you to follow Him. Understand why you must carry your cross to co...

  • Silence the Noise


    The enemy uses 'noise' in our soul to stop us from receiving from God, but you can block out the noise of the devil by praising God. The lies of the enemy become ineffective, when you know Jesus is the resurrection and the life and that is the truth NOW. Every word that God speaks is intended to ...

  • The Shepherd, The Hireling and You


    Jesus Christ gave his life so we may live a life of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Jesus is the only way to God the Father and through Jesus we have become citizens of the Kingdom of God and shepherds on the earth.

    Join our Miracle night service and be blessed by an amazing tea...

  • Since the Foundation of the World...


    Since the foundation of the world, you were on God's mind. Romans 8 tells us that you were predestinated, given a unique calling and destiny by God. God chose you and every detail of your life. He knows everything about you and what you would do - even the mistakes you would make, but rest assure...

  • You Are Not Alone


    You are never alone. Your Good Shepherd watches over you. God has promised to never leave nor forsake you and He has given angels to guard over you. God wants you to hide yourself under His wings.

    Join Apostle Jessie Moodley as she shares a liberating message and gives more understanding to Psal...