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  • An Urgent Call to Pray


    God is calling every person to prayer in these last moments before His return. God wants one thing from us, that is our TIME. How much time are you spending with God these days? In this powerful, timely teaching by Apostle Jessie, learn the importance of spending time in the Presence of God to p...

  • The Final Chapter


    Ever Wondered what will happen in the end of days?

    Join Pastor David Moodley as he shares fresh revelation straight from the Final Chapters of the Book of Revelation. Understand what will happen in the end of days, what will happen after the rapture and how you ensure that you get to heaven. Lea...

  • A Warning From Jude


    The Book of Jude is more relevant today that ever before.

    In this teaching, Pastor David Moodley shares the insights of the letter written by Jude and explains how judgement comes to those who reject the Truth and turn away from God. Also, did you know the Bible speaks of "cancel culture"? Find...

  • The Hope


    Where do you see the blessing in your life?

    You can have faith, but not be able to use it without hope. Hope is the way that you focus faith. There are different types of faith. Without hope, where do you put your faith? Hope is the positive imagination, it’s seeing where your faith needs to go ...

  • You Are the Body of Christ


    "The right thing for you, may not be the right thing for someone else." - Pastor David Moodley

    We are all called for a unique purpose. That's right! Your purpose is different and unique to the next person. Being a member in the Body of Christ is so important for your growth and fulfilment of you...

  • Your Voice, Your Authority


    Like the Israelites marched around the walls of Jericho, and only when they lifted up their voices did the walls crumble down, we must speak the promises to achieve victory. Like Elijah called down fire on those who came to oppose him, we call down our 'fire' (miracle) with our voice. But just a...

  • Rest & Peace
    Movie + 1 extra

    Rest & Peace

    Movie + 1 extra

    Did you know that rest is NOT watching tv or even reading a book? Then what is rest? Many of us are going through life anxious and fearful and find it hard to stop and rest. You're going to find out why this rest is necessary to move forward in life and how to live in true peace. Also, Pastor Dav...

  • The End-Time Anointing - Mother's Day 2022 | Live UnCut Sermon


    In this Broadcast, God has a special message for moms, dads, sons and daughters alike! Apostle Jessie Moodley teaches you about the end-time Double Portion anointing. You’ll also discover how God uses mothers in our lives and the compassion God has towards moms. Whether you’re a mom watching this...

  • The Bible Explained: Lamentations | Spoken Gospel

    Lamentations is like a eulogy. But instead of mourning a loved one's passing, this book laments over the death of Israel and her temple. The mourners admit they are responsible for Israel's demise and they grieve the possibility that they have been utterly rejected by God. But in the middle of th...

  • Secrets of The Blood


    Did you know that Blood has the ability to speak? Well, there is more to "The Blood" than what you may have heard of.

    In this teaching, Apostle Jessie Moodley shares the secrets of The Blood and teaches us on the correct way to apply it. Are you always in financial trouble, always sick in body ...

  • The Bible Explained: Ezra & Nehemiah | Spoken Gospel

    God wants to live with us. We see this truth in Ezra and Nehemiah. Ezra and Nehemiah are two books that tell one story—the story of Israel coming home. Israel had been exiled from their land and removed from God's presence in the temple because of their sins. But in Ezra and Nehemiah, God is brin...

  • The Abundance Mindset


    Don’t be preoccupied with your standard of living, be preoccupied with your standard of giving. - Pastor David Moodley

    In this teaching, learn what it means to have an abundance mindset. Just like God is incredibly generous, God calls you to be incredibly generous. Understand the importance of g...

  • The Needy, The Generous and the Pig


    Do I need to be a giver to get to heaven? What is the difference between giving to the poor and generous giving? Why is God generous? What is my inheritance? Do I have a purpose on Earth? Why did Jesus come? What are the three kinds of "rest" the Bible speaks about? Learn all the answers in this ...

  • The Bible Explained: Daniel | Spoken Gospel

    Despite what it looks like, God is in control. The Book of Daniel gives us a unique insight into how God's rule relates to earthly governments, armies, and rulers. Even when it looks like the nations of this world surely must be working against the divine plan, Daniel shows us that God is still r...

  • Biblical Wealth Management


    Before God created Eve, before God created animals - God created a wealth system. This was one the first things Adam learnt. It's no wonder that there's hundreds of scriptures that speak on money management. Jesus Himself told us to 'do business' till He returns. In fact, God is so passionate abo...

  • The Name


    Feeling defeated in life’s challenges? Are you asking these questions: How to overcome challenges? How to get the victory? What should I do to get the miracle? Why is the Name of Jesus powerful? How to use the Name of Jesus?

    All the answers are in this teaching. Get ready to overcome in this wo...

  • The Bible Explained: 1 and 2 Samuel | Spoken Gospel

    The books of 1 & 2 Samuel narrate the beginning of Israel's monarchy with the rise and fall of King Saul and King David. The true King of Israel will humbly listen to God's word, and God's Kingdom will be established in humility, not pride. But both Saul and David fail to be this humble King and ...

  • Passover 2022 Playlist

    13 items

    A Passover playlist specially curated for you this weekend! Celebrate Jesus with us!

  • Signs of the Times


    Jesus said that the Day and the Hour of His return is unknown. We need to keep watch and be prepared.
    What should I do to be ready? What did Jesus teach about during His last days on Earth? Who is Jesus coming back for? What is Stewardship and why is it important? What are the signs of His retu...

  • The Bible Explained: Hosea | Spoken Gospel

    God promised to protect Israel, but the kings of Israel drained their own people to buy weapons and protection from foreign lords instead. God is angry. The prophet Hosea calls this type of idolatrous foreign policy "adultery." So the book of Hosea asks an unsettling question: "What will God do w...

  • Celebrating Palm Sunday

    Movie + 1 extra

    Why do we need Jesus? What happens when we remove God from the equation? Why was Palm Sunday so critical and so life-threatening for Jesus?

    Unlock the mysteries and the secrets behind Genesis with Pastor David Moodley as you explore the reason why Jesus had to save us. Discover where did the 'o...

  • The Seven Things Jesus said on The Cross | Good Friday 2021


    If you knew you were at the climax of your life, what would you say? If the last words spoken before someone passes on can hold such weight – how much more are the last words of Jesus as He hung on the Cross before ‘it was finished’?

    Jesus’ time on the earth had reached its climax. The hour had ...

  • I AM Lives in You
    Movie + 4 extras

    I AM Lives in You

    Movie + 4 extras

    Did you know that we have the ability to override time? What does Alpha and Omega really mean? How to step into the breakthrough we need? Is there anything too hard for the Lord? In this teaching, learn the answers to these questions.

    Also, the Presence of God fills the church and everyone rece...

  • Suddenly
    Movie + 2 extras


    Movie + 2 extras

    God is the God of Suddenlies! From 'nothing's happening' to 'it's here and now'. Are you trusting God for a miracle today - but you aren't seeing any sign that something's changing? Often the victory is unseen till it happens. God often hides the victory. This is when we need to walk in faith. F...