Healing Vs Miracles

Healing Vs Miracles

Was that a healing or was that a miracle? How do the operating of miracles work and the gifts of healing operate? Knowing the difference miracles and healings can help you identify what you need to do to receive your breakthrough and how to operate in both of these gifts of the Holy Spirit. Also, discover 10 signs that God has given you the gift of healing.

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Healing Vs Miracles
  • Healing Vs Miracles | Session 5

    Using an example from Luke 17, Apostles Siva and Jessie explain the Gift of Healing and the Working of Miracles. Discover the difference between being 'healed' and being 'made whole' in this episode.

  • Healing Vs Miracles | Session 4

    Apostles Siva & Jessie Moodley teach you the various fields of healing and ten indicators that you are called into the healing ministry.

  • Healing Vs Miracles | Session 3

    The Gift of Faith is a temporary, supernatural, total belief in the impossible, no matter the circumstances. Learn how to walk in this gift of the Spirit.

  • Healing Vs Miracles | Session 2

    You need to first invest in your faith before you pursue your miracle. Learn the key ingredients to build your faith, why the right environment matters and how to keep your miracle after you've received it.

  • Healing Vs Miracles | Session 1

    Healing and the Gift of Healing are two separate things we need to understand. There is a difference between being 'healed' and being 'made whole'. Learn the differences and why it matters in this episode.