Healing Vs Miracles

Healing Vs Miracles

Was that a healing or was that a miracle? How do the operating of miracles work and the gifts of healing operate? Knowing the difference miracles and healings can help you identify what you need to do to receive your breakthrough and how to operate in both of these gifts of the Holy Spirit. Also, discover 10 signs that God has given you the gift of healing.

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Healing Vs Miracles
  • Healing Vs Miracles | Session 5

    The Gift of healing removes the cause of the sickness, and the body recovers itself. The purpose of the Gift of healing is to pull the infirmity out of your body, and the body heals on it's own, as God created the body to self-heal naturally. It does not show an instant sign that the body is heal...

  • Healing Vs Miracles | Session 4

    There are different types of healing. Healing can be spiritual, emotional, psychological, there is healing of the soul, physical healing, finances etc. Learn the ten signs that indicate you operate in This Gift.

  • Healing Vs Miracles | Session 3

    The Gift of Faith, is a temporary, supernatural, total belief in the impossible, no matter the circumstances. Failure is impossible when the gift of faith operates.
    Confession does not equal Faith. There are two things bring Faith: 1) Being in the right church environment and 2) studying the Word.

  • Healing Vs Miracles | Session 2

    Faith is the trust people have in the promises of God and in God Himself. The most powerful thing that builds your faith is the Word of God. If you need a miracle, find an environment where faith is a reality and miracles take place all the time, and stay in that environment even after you receiv...

  • Healing Vs Miracles | Session 1

    Healing and The Gift of Healing are two separate things we need to understand. There is a difference between being healed and being made whole. There is a story in the Bible of a man who came back to thank Jesus for his miracle and had his body restored, not just healed like the others. There are...