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  • The Day of Atonement


  • The Bible Explained: Ecclesiastes | Spoken Gospel

    What is the meaning of life? Ecclesiastes asks this and other difficult questions but is unique in the way it answers them. The author of Ecclesiastes aims to show us how vain life "under the sun" is, despite anyone's most lofty attempts to make it meaningful. The only solution Ecclesiastes offer...

  • The Bible Explained: Matthew | Spoken Gospel

    The Book of Matthew shows us how Jesus fulfills the Old Testament. Picturing the Old Testament like a treasure chest that contains old and new treasure, Matthew helps us see that there is a new treasure hidden in scripture, and it is Jesus.

  • The Need for Rest


    Are you feeling tired and worn out? Do you feel like giving up? In this teaching by Pastor David Moodley, learn why rest is so important to God and why God takes it seriously. God wants you to be full of joy and strength so that you can fulfil your purpose. Rest is a promise from God and you can ...

  • You Are Called to a Life of Holiness


    God has called you to live a Holy life, which means you are set apart. In this teaching by Kathryn Moodley, you will learn how to prepare yourself to see the Glory of God and how to use The Word which trains you in righteousness. Did you know that correction must first come before you receive the...

  • The Bible Explained: Exodus | Spoken Gospel

    Exodus helps us answer the question, "Who is God?" What we find is that God is the God who shows up and saves. This is most fully achieved in the person of Jesus, who showed up in human form to offer salvation.

    Special thanks to Spoken Gospel for providing this resource. They produce creative vi...

  • How to Behave in Extreme Situations


    Have you faced a crisis without knowing what to do next? Maybe you're going through one right now. What should you do?

    As a Christian, you are born of God to overcome the world. It's never 'what happens, happens'. You are here to change it, to create the impossible because 'all things are possi...

  • Approaching God as Friend


    A friend is someone you can go to at anytime and share secrets with. Did you know that you can approach God as a friend? In this teaching by Apostle Jessie Moodley, learn how to approach God as a friend and what it means to have shameless boldness to get the answers you need. Also, understand why...

  • Christ-Like Authority


    Did you know that you are equal to God? In this teaching by Pastor David Moodley, learn that what Jesus is - you are too. Jesus lived a life of no compromise and in John 5, we see how He used the authority given to Him as the son of God. Also, understand why you will always be tested by a word Go...

  • You Are Anointed


    In this powerful Sunday service - God takes over the service and has His way - a fresh outpouring of God's anointing! So many received a word over their lives.

    Plus, did you know that you are anointed by God? Learn how to grow in your anointing and how to guard the words God has spoken into your...

  • Approaching God as Abba Father

    Movie + 1 extra

    In Luke 11, Jesus teaches us how to pray and He teaches us that the first thing we should say is "Our Father". In this teaching by Apostle Jessie Moodley, learn the first dimension of prayer which is approaching God as "Father" and why receiving the spirit of adoption is important to approaching ...

  • The Rewards of Wisdom


    In the book of Proverbs, God says that He desires to pour into us His spirit of wisdom, if only we'd open our hearts to receive it. The book of Proverbs is full of practical and high-level wisdom for daily life, but wisdom doesn't come easily. She must be sought after like one searches for and re...

  • The Glory of God Inside You


    You may look ordinary, but inside your body of flesh lives the Greatest Being in the Universe. Jesus told His disciples that if they saw Him, they saw the Father because the Father and Jesus are One. In the same way, you are more than what meets the eye. Today, as you watch this live broadcast wi...

  • Hidden Manna


    Did you know that there are provisos to accessing the promises in the Word of God? Do you know why Jesus hated the deeds of the Nicolaitans and how it relates to you receiving the hidden manna?

    In this teaching by Pastor David Moodley, you'll see the deeper meaning in Revelation chapter 2. The c...

  • Tongues, Your Highway to Heaven


    Isaiah 35 speaks of a secret highway - known only to the righteous. A path that the enemy doesn't know. A highway where the redeemed travel to their heavenly home while fulfilling their destiny each step of the way. It's this highway that we must build brick by brick, like placing the pieces of a...

  • Follow the Tug to Your Miracle


    Don't you just love it when God takes over the service and has His way? Well that's exactly what happened during this powerful Sunday service - a fresh outpouring of Gods abounding love, joy and peace!

    Plus, learn how to recognize the tug of the Holy Spirit and receive your harvest now!

  • You are Ministers of Fire


    In the spirit, you look like your Heavenly Father. The All-Consuming Fire has shaped you into His minsters of fire. At your disposal, God has given His children ministering spirits - angels - to serve, protect and assist you in fulfilling your calling.

    With Apostle Jessie Moodley, encounter God ...

  • Living in The Covenant


    You have a covenant with God paid in full with His Blood, established in eternity by His Word and sworn by His Name. God wants you to be mindful of His covenant He established on His unconditional love. When you remember the covenant, you start to live in it and receive its rewards.

    In this liv...

  • Resisting the Devil


    Did you know that resisting the devil is a process? The Word of God teaches us to first submit to God, then we are able to resist the devil and he will flee from you. In this teaching by Pastor David Moodley, learn how Jesus resisted the devil in the wilderness. Jesus did not doubt the Word and c...

  • Speaking, a Supernatural Skill


    There is a difference between being blessed and having the blessing. The Blessing is the authority and dominion that God gave you! God gave you the authority to do it, to continue creation as a son of God. The second thing He gave you authority and dominion to protect what God has given you domin...

  • Fear to Faith


    Did you know that acting in fear opens a door to satan? So how do you know whether you're acting in faith or in fear? The Bible shows us through the lives of Job, David and Jesus, amongst others, how to identify the voice of fear and choose to operate in faith. Also, understand how we, as Christi...

  • Desire God


    Are you serious about living your life for God?

    Desire God that He may full you with His gifts. You need to have a strong desire for God's direction in your life. Without this desire for God, you cannot attain discernment in all things in your life. So Remember, no Holy Spirit, No Discernment. ...

  • Don't Abandon Your Calling


    You have a specific call over your life. Now’s not the time to turn back. Persecution isn’t the time to turn back. Trials and tribulations are not the time to turn back. Now is the time to push forward and, like a fire, be passionately burning for Christ. Don’t abandon the call.

    Like Jesus, God ...

  • The Spirit of Faith


    Everyday you have to choose between faith and giving in, the Spirit of Faith or fear itself. The Spirit of Faith is a fire that must be caught and kept ablaze. Without the Spirit of Faith, you can't pray in faith and receive from God.

    Learn how to catch the fire and stay ablaze as Pastor David M...