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Your Most Powerful Weapon | Live UnCut Sermon

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  • 20/20 Vision | Live UnCut Sermon

    4 months ago

    What do you see through your eyes of faith?

    God wants to give you certain things but you need to have an expectancy and outlook through your spiritual eyes first to receive it. In this powerful teaching, Pastor Kathryn Moodley teaches us on opening our spiritual eyes so we can see what God has ...

  • I Believe, I Speak | Live UnCut Sermon

    5 months ago

    There's great exploits God is calling you to do. Like the heroes of faith, you have what they used - the same spirit of faith. Like the heroes of old, we believe and therefore we speak.

    Join Apostle Jessie Moodley for a powerful teaching on the spirit of faith. God wants you to add your name to...

  • Identity Transformation

    5 months ago

    Until you know you who are, you can't fulfil your destiny. Your identity isn't your genetic makeup. Your identity isn't your background. Your identity isn't your struggles or what you've made or done to yourself. No. Your identity is what God spoke and wrote about you in His word and it's time fo...