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Interactive Global Church Experience - 03/31/2023, 18:02:42

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  • Since the Foundation of the World... ...

    2 months ago

    Since the foundation of the world, you were on God's mind. Romans 8 tells us that you were predestinated, given a unique calling and destiny by God. God chose you and every detail of your life. He knows everything about you and what you would do - even the mistakes you would make, but rest assure...

  • You Are Not Alone | Live UnCut Sermon

    2 months ago

    You are never alone. Your Good Shepherd watches over you. God has promised to never leave nor forsake you and He has given angels to guard over you. God wants you to hide yourself under His wings.

    Join Apostle Jessie Moodley as she shares a liberating message and gives more understanding to Psal...

  • Steadfast | Live UnCut Sermon

    3 months ago

    Jesus has already won the victory on the Cross. We need to 'hold fast to our confession of faith', to stand steadfast in the victory that's been won for us - even in difficult circumstances. Learn with Apostle Jessie Moodley how to be steadfast and immovable and live in the overflow of the finish...