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Watch this video and more on MiracleTV+

How to Seek the Presence of God | Live UnCut Sermon

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  • Interactive Global Church Experience ...

    11 months ago

    Join us for an Interactive Global Church Experience! Get ready for a encounter, and tell us where you're watching from in the Chat!

    Send your prayer requests in the chat and we'll pray for you!

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  • The Blessing | Live UnCut Sermon

    12 months ago

    When you understand what is The Blessing of God, it changes your life. It took Joseph from being just a slave into prospering and excelling as a leader regardless of the situation he found himself in. It was the Blessing that was spoken over five loaves and two fishes that caused it to multiply a...

  • Answering Cravings | Live UnCut Sermon

    12 months ago

    “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” (James 4:8)
    Are you craving for something that is not satisfying you? Are you searching for intimacy with Christ but trying to find it through other things?

    In this teaching by Pastor David Moodley, learn the importance of being connected with Go...