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  • The Seven Things Jesus said on The Cr...

    If you knew you were at the climax of your life, what would you say? If the last words spoken before someone passes on can hold such weight – how much more are the last words of Jesus as He hung on the Cross before ‘it was finished’?

    Jesus’ time on the earth had reached its climax. The hour had ...

  • Life of Jesus (Gospel of John)

    The story of Jesus' life as told by the apostle John, narrated by Christopher Plummer. Veteran British filmmaker Philip Saville directs the religious epic The Gospel of John. This drama attempts to accurately follow the Gospel According to John written sometime during the first century. The Gospe...

  • Luke 23:26-56 | Lumo

    The Crucifixion of Jesus (23:26-43)
    The Death of Jesus (23:44-49)
    The Burial of Jesus (23:50-56)

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