Learn what must happen before Jesus returns - including the Rise of the Antichrist, the demise & rise of Superpower nations, the role that Big Tech has in the end times and so much more. Understand the role of the Holy Spirit in preparing the bride of Christ (You) for the return of Jesus.

  • The Key to EndTime Prophesy


    UYINKOSI YAMAKHOSI, uMDALI WOMHLABA: "Our God is the Lord of Lords and the Creator of the earth". A truly spectacular Heritage Day service at The Miracle Centre, as men and women from different tribes and walks of life came together to praise and worship our King of Kings.

    Unlock the secrets of ...

  • The Feast of Trumpets 2023


    The Feast of Trumpets is a prophetic declaration of the return of the King: Jesus Christ. When Jesus returns, He's not coming as Saviour, but as the Righteous Judge who reigns with an iron sceptor. He's coming to rage war. Like a thief in the night, His return is imminent and it'll happen on a da...

  • Blow the Trumpet | Live UnCut Sermon

    God is moving right now. An amazing communion Sunday service as the Lord speaks into His children’s lives. God has promised and He is faithful to deliver what He has promised. Start to prepare for what God is doing.

    Apostle Jessie Moodley shares a powerful word to strengthen the believer. As we ...

  • The 1% vs The World


    These are the last days. For the first time in history, multiple biblical prophecies are coming together simultaneously, pointing to Christ’s return. In the last days, the Elijahs and Daniels will be the oil and wine that prosper.

    Join Pastor David Moodley as he teaches you on the power of the m...

  • The New Days of Elijah


    These are the NEW days of Elijah. Just like God used an ordinary man whom He could trust to prophesy boldly in righteousness against the evil of his day, God is searching for sons and daughters of God who are willing to be used by Him in the spirit of Elijah. Hold unto your seats and get ready fo...

  • Walk in the Prophetic Revelation


    Has God given you a promise, a prophesy or a scripture to stand on? That word is a seed that we are called to nurture, protect and grow until it comes to pass. Take heart, because there may be opposition along the way!

    Join Apostle Jessie Moodley as she guides you on how to walk in the prophetic...

  • The Battle for Your Soul


    Child of God, don’t sleep or slumber. Everyday as children of God we are faced with the decision to either prioritize seeking the Kingdom of God and righteousness or to get entangled with the world. Like the 5 virgin girls in Matthew 25, God urges us to stay in intimacy with him daily so that the...

  • The Day of the Vengeance of Our God


    This is the day of the Vengeance of our God over you! It's what Jesus declared He came to do when He read Isaiah 61. Comfort, healing, miracles and harvests - they are all part of the vengeance of our God. God sees every seed that you have sown, and he has made the decision to ensure that you rea...

  • Contagious Faith


    "See I am doing a new thing... don't long for the old." That's part of God's prophetic word to you. So get ready for a great outpouring of God's Spirit in this service. Be healed and receive restoration of your memory. You'll also learn how to have CONTAGIOUS faith, how to PROPHESY to the dry bon...

  • The Abundance of the Sound of Rain


    Has it ever rained so hard that you couldn't hear anything else? Well, that's what God means when He says He wants to downpour His superabundance on you! Join Apostle Jessie Moodley for an epic first service of 2023 (The Year of Prosperity). A night of worship, praise, thanksgiving, glorious enco...

  • Watch Night 2023


    You've pushed through. You've sown, now it's your time to reap. When you sow the right seeds in hard times, you create prosperity.

    Join Pastor David Moodley as he prophetically declares God's word for 2023. Learn how to step into the fullness of what God has promised you for this year, understan...

  • The Greatest Revival


    The greatest revival is here and about to happen - but just before the greatest revival, comes the greatest persecution. But don't be afraid! God comes with you into the fire, He literally joins Himself to you and blesses you in such a way that your enemies are confounded. This service, God Himse...

  • The Day of Atonement


    Jesus bought us back with His Blood. Jesus sacrifice on The Cross was the final atonement for our sins. In this teaching by Apostle Jessie Moodley, learn what the day of atonement is and why repentance is so important.

    Jesus is returning soon - we need to be ready!

  • You Are Anointed


    In this powerful Sunday service - God takes over the service and has His way - a fresh outpouring of God's anointing! So many received a word over their lives.

    Plus, did you know that you are anointed by God? Learn how to grow in your anointing and how to guard the words God has spoken into your...

  • The King Is Coming


    The King is Coming and we need to be ready. God is speaking to us and He wants us to seek Him and spend more time in His Presence. In this service, so many received a Word from the Lord, healing in their bodies and direction for their lives. The Presence of God filled homes that were connected. G...

  • It's Harvest Time


    NOW is Harvest Time!

    We are in Harvest Time. In this teaching by Apostle Jessie Moodley, we go through Psalm 126 as the next page to receiving the harvest. God wants us to work with Him and not resist Him. When we trust in the Lord, we cannot be moved. Also, learn how to call in the harvest for ...

  • An Urgent Call to Pray


    God is calling every person to prayer in these last moments before His return. God wants one thing from us, that is our TIME. How much time are you spending with God these days? In this powerful, timely teaching by Apostle Jessie, learn the importance of spending time in the Presence of God to p...

  • The Final Chapter


    Ever Wondered what will happen in the end of days?

    Join Pastor David Moodley as he shares fresh revelation straight from the Final Chapters of the Book of Revelation. Understand what will happen in the end of days, what will happen after the rapture and how you ensure that you get to heaven. Lea...

  • The End-Time Anointing - Mother's Day 2022 | Live UnCut Sermon


    In this Broadcast, God has a special message for moms, dads, sons and daughters alike! Apostle Jessie Moodley teaches you about the end-time Double Portion anointing. You’ll also discover how God uses mothers in our lives and the compassion God has towards moms. Whether you’re a mom watching this...

  • Resurrection Sunday 2022


    In this teaching, Pastor David Moodley explains the four things that keep you from being Raptured. Learn why forgiveness, iniquity, the anointing and completing your God given destiny is so important.

  • Good Friday 2022


  • Signs of the Times


    Jesus said that the Day and the Hour of His return is unknown. We need to keep watch and be prepared.
    What should I do to be ready? What did Jesus teach about during His last days on Earth? Who is Jesus coming back for? What is Stewardship and why is it important? What are the signs of His retu...

  • I AM Lives in You
    Movie + 4 extras

    I AM Lives in You

    Movie + 4 extras

    Did you know that we have the ability to override time? What does Alpha and Omega really mean? How to step into the breakthrough we need? Is there anything too hard for the Lord? In this teaching, learn the answers to these questions.

    Also, the Presence of God fills the church and everyone rece...

  • Seek Him While He May Be Found


    "When the anointing comes and you need a blessing, you have to respond to the anointing to receive it" - Pastor David Moodley

    How do I seek God? How to draw near to God? What does honey in the rock mean? How to receive your blessing? All these questions are answered in this teaching.

    The Anoi...