Learn what must happen before Jesus returns - including the Rise of the Antichrist, the demise & rise of Superpower nations, the role that Big Tech has in the end times and so much more. Understand the role of the Holy Spirit in preparing the bride of Christ (You) for the return of Jesus.

  • Intercession


    The Glory of God turns up as we Worship and Celebrate together at our Friday night Intercession Prayer Meetings.

    You can receive this love, joy, peace and restoration right now as you watch these powerful intercession meetings. Glory to Jesus!

  • Like a Thief in the Night


    Jesus is coming back soon. Are YOU ready? Apostle Jessie and Kathryn teach on what must happen before the return of Jesus. Learn how to be in a state of readiness as we are soon approaching the day.

  • Servanthood of The Holy Spirit

    Movie + 1 extra

    Who is The Holy Spirit? What role does He play in preparing the Bride for Christ's return? Learn more in this teaching.

  • Fetching the Bride of Christ | TV Special

    God the Father is the law giver, Jesus is the Administrator & the Holy Spirit is the Manifester. The Holy Spirit is sent by The Father and is given specific instructions to fetch, prepare & mature the Bride for Christ, just as Abraham sent his servant to fetch a bride for Isaac. The Bride has alr...

  • Revealing the Antichrist


    Right now you're probably wondering what is happening in the world right now: with the pandemic, the US elections and what's going to happen the next few months & years. Get ready for a prophetic answer from Heaven itself, as Apostles Siva & Jessie Moodley discuss five things that must happen bef...

  • How to See in The Spirit


    Do you want to see the UNSEEN? Do you want to see in the spiritual realm? Get ready to have your five spiritual senses OPENED in this extraordinary broadcast special!

    In this broadcast, Apostles Siva & Jessie teach you what is a Seer (no, it's NOT a prophet! - exactly) and stay tuned to be acti...