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  • Matthew 1:1 - 1:17 - Jesus In All Of Matthew | Spoken Gospel

    This Bible study devotional covers Matthew 1:1-1:17. In this passage Matthew lists out Jesus' genealogy, highlighting his connection to both Abraham and David.

    As always, we are committed to showing you how to see the good news of the Gospel in every passage of Scripture. In Matthew 1:1-1:17, w...

  • Legion

    Powerfully-told, this is the famous Biblical account of Jesus healing a man by casting out demons.

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  • The Story


    This is God's Story, will you make it yours?

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  • Can the Bible Be Trusted?

    Have you ever wondered why followers of Jesus believe the Bible is the same today as when it was originally written? Archaeological evidence validates that today’s Bible consists of the same Scriptures originally written thousands of years ago.

  • The Bible Explained: Ecclesiastes | Spoken Gospel

    What is the meaning of life? Ecclesiastes asks this and other difficult questions but is unique in the way it answers them. The author of Ecclesiastes aims to show us how vain life "under the sun" is, despite anyone's most lofty attempts to make it meaningful. The only solution Ecclesiastes offer...

  • The Bible Explained: Letters to the Thessalonians | Spoken Gospel

    Paul's two letters to the Thessalonians talk more explicitly about Jesus' second coming than, perhaps, any of Paul's other letters. That's because these believers were oppressed, persecuted, and especially needed the hope of Jesus' return. Jesus would not only return to heal and restore them but ...

  • Genesis 1-2 - Jesus In All Of Genesis | Spoken Gospel

    This Bible study devotional covers Genesis chapters 1-2. The Bible's story of creation is all about how Yahweh is different from every other false god of the ancient world. It's easy to get caught up in creation timelines and evolution debates. So let's step back and try to see the first two chap...

  • Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

    God created humans to be spiritually and relationally connected with Him, but how can we keep God's commands? How can we live without shame? We can't restore ourselves to honor. It would seem we're doomed, except God doesn't want His creation to die. He is merciful and loving, and wants us to be ...

  • Marea

    As soon as you see "them" as "us", it changes everything.

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  • God's Rescue Plan

    Have you ever felt like the world was broken, and that we are broken along with it? Often, our attempts to fix the world and ourselves only lead to more problems. But there is Good News: God, in His love, has made a way for us to be restored to honor.

  • Who is Jesus...Really?

    Who is Jesus? What has He done, and why did He do it? Through Jesus, God made a way for us to experience a loving, restored relationship with God. Jesus lived the perfect life no other human could ever live, and he died and rose again, demonstrating his victory over sin and death.He was the perfe...

  • Retelling the Good Story | A Day and a Night with Creator Sets Free

    See the stories told by Creator Sets Free (Jesus) as told in the First Nations Version of the New Testament, a thought-for-thought translation, for North American Native People. The film begins with a group of people around a fire listening to the storyteller, Mishomis, sharing about the Good Sto...