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Take On The Enemy - Session One | Live UnCut Sermon

Take On The Enemy • 3h 0m


  • Interactive Global Church Experience ...

    10 months ago

    Join us for an Interactive Global Church Experience! Get ready for a encounter, and tell us where you're watching from in the Chat!

    Send your prayer requests in the chat and we'll pray for you!

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  • Your True Identity | Live UnCut Sermon

    11 months ago

    The substance of the Christian faith is revelation knowledge. You can't have faith without revelation, and you can't operate in the authority God has given you if you don't have a revelation of your identity in Christ. Who are you in Jesus Christ?

    In Ephesians 1, Paul wrote to the church that he...

  • The Greatest Revival | Live UnCut Sermon

    11 months ago

    The greatest revival is here and about to happen - but just before the greatest revival, comes the greatest persecution. But don't be afraid! God comes with you into the fire, He literally joins Himself to you and blesses you in such a way that your enemies are confounded. This service, God Himse...