The Five Types of Prayer

The Five Types of Prayer

Do you also know about the 3 Dimensions of Prayer?

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The Five Types of Prayer
  • The 3 Dimensions of Prayer - Session 2 | Live UnCut Sermon

    Dr Siva teaches you about the second and third dimensions of prayer. Understand the second dimension of prayer which is knowing God as friend. By knowing God of as friend you will develop a relationship of trust and He will reveal your destiny and purpose to you. The third dimension is approachin...


  • The 3 Dimensions of Prayer - Session 1 | Live UnCut Sermon

    The first dimension of prayer is approaching God as "The Father". Understand the difference between praying to God the Father and praying to Abba. Who is Abba? Understand how the role of a Father is critical to your relationship with God the Father.

  • The Fundamentals of Prayer | TV Special

    There are Five major types of prayer that we learn from 1 Timothy 2:1. There are as many as 12 different types but there are 5 fundamental types. Supplication can divided into two groups, which are Request and Deprecation. The first type is Requests, these are the most common type of prayer used....