The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is equal to the Father and the Son. He has a mind of His own. God sent Him to be with us until Jesus returns. In these powerful teachings, learn about the Third Person of the Trinity, His role on the Earth and discover the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

  • Desire God


    Are you serious about living your life for God?

    Desire God that He may full you with His gifts. You need to have a strong desire for God's direction in your life. Without this desire for God, you cannot attain discernment in all things in your life. So Remember, no Holy Spirit, No Discernment. ...

  • The Spirit of Prayer


    The Holy Spirit is the ANSWER you need for your victory today! In this teaching, Apostle Jessie teaches on the Spirit of Prayer i.e. The Holy Spirit and how He prays through us in intercession. Did you know there is a difference between praying to God and God praying through you? We need to make ...

  • Pentēkostē


    Pentecost is a test of faith and obedience.

    Join Pastor David Moodley and learn where Pentecost all started. Understand why people had to wait for the day of Pentecost and how your faith is often tested in the waiting. Learn the true meaning of Pentecost, and how you can reap your harvest during...

  • Your Voice, Your Authority


    Like the Israelites marched around the walls of Jericho, and only when they lifted up their voices did the walls crumble down, we must speak the promises to achieve victory. Like Elijah called down fire on those who came to oppose him, we call down our 'fire' (miracle) with our voice. But just a...

  • Good Friday 2022


  • Suddenly
    Movie + 2 extras


    Movie + 2 extras

    God is the God of Suddenlies! From 'nothing's happening' to 'it's here and now'. Are you trusting God for a miracle today - but you aren't seeing any sign that something's changing? Often the victory is unseen till it happens. God often hides the victory. This is when we need to walk in faith. F...

  • To Serve


    John 13 Teaches us that having a communion meal is to become one with the body. In this broadcast Pastor David Moodley teaches that to become part of the body of Christ means having to give up oneself and serve others. Learn about how you are transformed through serving others and how you are pru...

  • How to have a Relationship with The Holy Spirit


    God wants to be your hiding place, where you live inside of Him. He wants you and Him to be inseparable.

    In this teaching, you will learn how to build a relationship with The Holy Spirit. The best time to hear from Him and connect to Him is while you are fasting. Guarding your heart, your words...

  • Don't Waste your Seed


    God just took over the service - and He doesn’t want you to miss out! Step into the overflow in praise and worship as you welcome the King of Kings.

    Scripture teaches us to consider our ways - in this service, you’ll learn from Ps David Moodley how to do just that. Rediscover the parable of the ...

  • Finding Your Purpose
    Movie + 2 extras

    Finding Your Purpose

    Movie + 2 extras

    Do you struggle to Hear the Voice of God leading you? Apostle Jessie and Pastor David Moodley teach you how to hear the voice of God. The Holy Spirit wants to lead you, Being led by the Spirit starts with the small everyday things. It is a step by step thing. The small things enable God to lead y...

  • Understanding the 21 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

    Movie + 2 extras

  • Fetching the Bride of Christ | TV Special

    God the Father is the law giver, Jesus is the Administrator & the Holy Spirit is the Manifester. The Holy Spirit is sent by The Father and is given specific instructions to fetch, prepare & mature the Bride for Christ, just as Abraham sent his servant to fetch a bride for Isaac. The Bride has alr...

  • Servanthood of The Holy Spirit

    Movie + 1 extra

    Who is The Holy Spirit? What role does He play in preparing the Bride for Christ's return? Learn more in this teaching.