Your Miracle Moment

Your Miracle Moment

2 Seasons

The second series created by Apostles Siva and Jessie Moodley, Your Miracle Moment has been showcasing the incredible miracles and powerful revelation encountered in their ministry. Watch testimonials from ordinary people who receive their miracles, and then learn the mechanics behind it as Dr. Siva explains in depth teachings in bite-sized portions. Deaf ears opening and blind eyes seeing (not to mention the dead being raised or short limbs re-growing out) are par for the course here. Don't you know? Miracles Are Normal.

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Your Miracle Moment
  • The Invisible War on Despots | Session 1

    Episode 1

    Apostle Dr Siva & Pastor David teach on the reason why there is evil in the world. Learn how the whole universe is an ecosystem which operates inside God, including the demonic. Understand how to be connected to God to have Power over the demonic.

  • The Invisible War on Despots | Session 2

    Episode 2

    Apostle Dr Siva & Pastor David share on the persecution the church is facing today. Understand what Big Tech has to do with it and how God has given TMC new strategies to spread the gospel. Learn more on how to call on God and give Him permission to intervene in your life.

  • The Invisible War on Despots | Session 3

    Episode 3

    In this session, Apostle Dr Siva & Pastor David teach on the importance of waiting upon God when making decisions. We have to come to the place where we surrender and allow His will to be done. God gives you the choice to determine how much authority you allow God to have in your life. Learn how ...

  • The Invisible War on Despots | Session 4

    Episode 4

    In this session, Apostle Dr Siva & Pastor David teach on the war between the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of Light. There is no sitting on the fence between these two kingdoms. Only Jesus can protect us from the kingdom of darkness. Understand how open doors give the demonic a legal right ...

  • The Invisible War on Despots | Session 5

    Episode 5

    Apostle Dr Siva & Pastor David teach on the purpose of sickness and how to receive healing. Understand what happens when a believer dies and what happens to our bodies when Jesus returns. Also learn about the "cloud of witnesses" that the Bible speaks of and much more!

  • Bitter-Root Judgement | TV Special

    Episode 6

    We're about to answer this question: what is controlling my behaviour? Why am I feeling these emotions - of anger, sorrow or jealousy - when I shouldn't be? Why do I keep trying to prove myself? Why am I struggling with having faith? All this and much MUCH more. Joining Apostle Siva in the studio...

  • Warfare Tactics | Session 1

    Episode 7

    Apostles Siva & Jessie teach on the lies that satan makes us believe. The number one lie is that Christians are weak and powerless & satan is powerful. God has given us the authority! Learn why the devil hates you and wants to steal from, kill and destroy you. In this teaching and series, you wil...

  • Warfare Tactics | Session 2

    Episode 8

    In this teaching, Apostles Siva & Jessie Moodley continue to teach on the purpose Jesus came to the Earth, and how God is not pleased when we suffer. Jesus went to the cross and destroyed the greatest fear that man has, which is death. This means that Jesus destroyed satan's greatest weapon. Jesu...

  • Warfare Tactics | Session 3

    Episode 9

    In this session, learn about the spirit of divination. This spirit is given permission when you have your fortunes read, go for palm reading, go to a witchdoctor, etc. The spirit of divination is controlled by a python spirit, which operates by crushing your life slowly. Witchcraft is is unauthor...

  • Warfare Tactics | Session 4

    Episode 10

    Apostles Siva & Jessie continue to teach on the lies that satan makes us believe. The next lie is that the devil is powerful and we should not provoke him. We understand that in 1 Peter 5:8, the devil is not a roaring lion, but compared to one. It is a fear tactic, as the devil only roars but is ...

  • Warfare Tactics | Session 5

    Episode 11

    In this session, learn about Jesus being at the Right Hand of God the Father in Heaven and The Holy Spirit being on the Earth. Jesus is far above and superior to the enemy, not only in this world, but also in the age to come. Every demon is all under Jesus! The church is above every principality ...

  • Warfare Tactics | Session 6

    Episode 12

    Apostles Siva & Jessie teach on the next lie which is, the devil says that he can destroy you whenever he wants to because he is the strongman. Jesus tells is in Luke 11:20-22 that He casts out demons by the finger of God, it means the Kingdom of God has arrived. It's not the amount of the Word y...

  • Warfare Tactics | Session 7

    Episode 13

    In this session, Apostles Siva & Jessie teach on how to identify the covenants you make with the demonic and how that allows the demonic to attack you. Learn how to be delivered and set free. When you are born again, the old covenants you made are not broken automatically. Paul writes to the chur...

  • Warfare Tactics | Session 8

    Episode 14

    In this last session of warfare tactics, we're taught that Jesus made the decision to allow the Father's will to be done. God spoke (which sounded like thunder), for the sake of the people standing by, to confirm that Jesus is the one who will cast out the ruler of this world. God made it public ...

  • The Atmosphere for Miracles | TV Special

    Episode 15

    Apostles Siva and Jessie Moodley teach how to have to create an atmosphere for miracles. You are reading and hearing the Word of God but are you believing it? Learn how to have the faith to see beyond what your natural eyes see and know that nothing is impossible with Jesus Christ.

  • The Pursuit of Excellence | Session 1

    Episode 16

    God loves it when we are consistent and remain faithful to Him. In 1 Chronicles 28, we learn how we are charged to stay faithful to God and the blessing that comes from it. God always rewards faithfulness, to your generation and those to come. In this session, learn how to surrender to God and be...

  • The Pursuit of Excellence | Session 2

    Episode 17

    In this session, we continue to learn what it means to "acknowledge the God of your father". God wants us to give Him first preference in our life and to serve Him from our heart. We learn from David's life, how he made time to spend in the presence of God, and served God, and how God promoted hi...

  • The Pursuit of Excellence | Session 3

    Episode 18

    In this session, learn how God chose an appointed time for each person to be born on earth and how sin causes us to be separated from God, and hinders our worship. We need to fight against sin, not against God. God is for you, never against you. Worship is the most powerful key to get you out of ...

  • The Pursuit of Excellence | Session 4

    Episode 19

    Apostle Jessie & Kathryn continue to teach on 1 Chronicles 28. In this session, learn that God searches our hearts and understands every desire and thought. Learn how David in the Bible pursued and worshipped God during his trials and where true worship is birthed.

  • Discovering the 21 Gifts | TV Special

    Episode 20

    Apostles Siva & Jessie teach on the 21 Gifts of the Holy Spirit in great detail. There are three groups of Gifts: the Administration Gifts, the Operation Gifts and the Manifestation Gifts, but the same Holy Spirit who works all in all. In this teaching, learn about the Manifestation Gifts, which ...

  • God is Your Doctor - Mothers Day 2021 | TV Special

    Episode 21

    Do you know when the first operation happened? Right there in the Garden of Eden, God performed the first and most perfect operation and He is still the greatest Physician today.

    Drawing from personal experience, Apostle Jessie Moodley teaches how you can receive healing for your finances, emoti...

  • The Fundamentals of Prayer | TV Special

    Episode 22

    There are Five major types of prayer that we learn from 1 Timothy 2:1. There are as many as 12 different types but there are 5 fundamental types. Supplication can divided into two groups, which are Request and Deprecation. The first type is Requests, these are the most common type of prayer used....

  • Secrets to Fruitfulness | Session 1

    Episode 23

    Pastor Louann shares five powerful lessons that you can learn from Hannah and her faithfulness to God. Learn how to trust God through the barrenness of any situation and much more!

  • Secrets to Fruitfulness | Session 2

    Episode 24

    In this session, Pastor Louann teaches on the different types of barrenness and how to remain faithful to God even when we are ridiculed for our Faith.