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Your Miracle Moment

The Invisible War on Despots | Session 5

Season 6, Episode 5

Up Next in Season 6 (2019-Aug 2021)

  • Bitter-Root Judgement | TV Special

    We're about to answer this question: what is controlling my behaviour? Why am I feeling these emotions - of anger, sorrow or jealousy - when I shouldn't be? Why do I keep trying to prove myself? Why am I struggling with having faith? All this and much MUCH more. Joining Apostle Siva in the studio...

  • Warfare Tactics | Session 1

    Apostles Siva & Jessie teach on the lies that satan makes us believe. The number one lie is that Christians are weak and powerless & satan is powerful. God has given us the authority! Learn why the devil hates you and wants to steal from, kill and destroy you. In this teaching and series,...

  • Warfare Tactics | Session 2

    In this teaching, Apostles Siva & Jessie Moodley continue to teach on the purpose Jesus came to the Earth, and how God is not pleased when we suffer. Jesus went to the cross and destroyed the greatest fear that man has, which is death. This means that Jesus destroyed satan's greatest weapon. ...