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Pursuit and Recovery | Session 2

Season 6, Episode 2

Up Next in Season 6 (2019-Aug 2021)

  • Pursuit and Recovery | Session 3

    If you hear from God, it can never fail. We need to first enquire of the Lord and hear from Him. We cannot answer for God or put words in His mouth. God can’t bless something He never spoke. There is a process to hearing clear instructions from God. You must first respond and get up to do someth...

  • Pursuit and Recovery | Session 4

    Kingdom-thinking is established over time. It’s a process of mentorship and the environment that you're in. You have to be around the right people to establish a kingdom mindset. We have to go after what God said and possess it. God is always waiting at the last instruction He gave you. Possessin...

  • Pursuit and Recovery | Session 5

    There cannot be recovery without pursuit. Every Christian can activate a wealth transfer over their life. In order to receive wealth transfer and restoration, you must first be identified in the spirit world. You need to be authorised in the spirit realm to operate in a certain level. In Luke 4:...