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Your Miracle Moment

Pursuit and Recovery | Session 4

Season 6, Episode 4

Up Next in Season 6 (2019-Aug 2021)

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    Apostles Siva and Jessie conclude on wealth transfers. You'll also learn about the authentication process in the spirit realm and what happens after you have pursued and recovered all.

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    Scripture says when Jesus hung on the Cross, He was so disfigured that He didn't even look human...but three days later His body that was damaged beyond repair came back to life completely perfect and whole - no trace of sickness, disease, organ failure or anything else. The only evidence that th...

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    Your healing didn't occur when Jesus was whipped. Your healing was purchased on the Cross when Jesus took upon Himself every sickness, disease, ailment and pain. But it took resurrection power to raise His damaged body back to life.