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Servanthood of The Holy Spirit | TV Special

Season 6, Episode 35

Up Next in Season 6 (2019-Aug 2021)

  • The Seven Things Jesus said on The Cr...

    If you knew you were at the climax of your life, what would you say? If the last words spoken before someone passes on can hold such weight – how much more are the last words of Jesus as He hung on the Cross before ‘it was finished’?

    Jesus’ time on the earth had reached its climax. The hour had ...

  • Pursuit and Recovery | Session 1

    We have to learn how to pursue what God has for us. Deuteronomy 2:24 - speaks about the promise God gave to Moses. There are four steps for pursuit.
    Step 1: Rise Up - you have to get up and do something. Everything in the supernatural has a condition. All prophecy is conditional for manifestati...

  • Pursuit and Recovery | Session 2

    Before restoration can occur there are steps you have to follow. You must first rise up and do something that you’ve never done before. Then you have to take your journey and move into the direction that you need to go. Before God can use you, there will be a communication first from God. The pro...