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Your Miracle Moment

Diving Deeper into the Gifts | TV Special

Season 6, Episode 28

Up Next in Season 6 (2019-Aug 2021)

  • Restoration through Prayer | TV Special

    We can overcome debt, distress and discontentment through prayer and we learn this from the life of David. Every promise in Gods Word is available to us but must first be activated and appropriated. Nothing is automatic, we must appropriate the Word. David uses prayer to receive his restoration. ...

  • Pursuing Your Victory | TV Special

    God gives Moses steps to pursuing victory in Shion in Deuteronomy 2:24-31. God tells Moses that the victory is already his before he goes out in battle. In order to pursue victory you need to engage with the demonic. Respect must be earned in the supernatural. Learn from Jesus' example on how to ...

  • Murder He Spoke | TV Special

    In Matthew 12:33-37, we learn how one can identify a tree by its fruit. In the same way, you can tell what's in the heart of a person by their fruit. The fruit Jesus is speaking about is the words we speak. Because out of the abundance of the heart - the mouth speaks. The gifts of the Holy Spirit...