Your Miracle Moment

Your Miracle Moment

2 Seasons

The second series created by Apostles Siva and Jessie Moodley, Your Miracle Moment has been showcasing the incredible miracles and powerful revelation encountered in their ministry. Watch testimonials from ordinary people who receive their miracles, and then learn the mechanics behind it as Dr. Siva explains in depth teachings in bite-sized portions. Deaf ears opening and blind eyes seeing (not to mention the dead being raised or short limbs re-growing out) are par for the course here. Don't you know? Miracles Are Normal.

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Your Miracle Moment
  • Secrets to Fruitfulness | Session 3

    Episode 1

    Apostle Jessie and Pastor Louann teach on the four things Hannah did that caused her to pour out to God for her breakthrough.

  • Secrets to Fruitfulness | Session 4

    Episode 2

    In this session, learn how to break the curse of barrenness over every area of your life and receive your breakthrough. Take God at His Word - The Victory is Yours!

  • Knowing the 21 Gifts | TV Special

    Episode 3

    The Gifts are given by The Holy Spirit. He is the One who decides which gifts a believer will receive and operate in. There are twenty-one gifts and they can be divided into three main categories. The first being the Manifestation gifts. These gifts are The Word of Knowledge, The Word of Wisdom a...

  • Diving Deeper into the Gifts | TV Special

    Episode 4

    The Gifts of the Holy Spirit is divided into three main categories. The first is Manifestation. These are The Word of Knowledge, The Word of Wisdom and The Discerning of Spirits. The second category is the Utterance Gifts. This includes Tongues (unknown & foreign), Interpretation of tongues and t...

  • Restoration through Prayer | TV Special

    Episode 5

    We can overcome debt, distress and discontentment through prayer and we learn this from the life of David. Every promise in Gods Word is available to us but must first be activated and appropriated. Nothing is automatic, we must appropriate the Word. David uses prayer to receive his restoration. ...

  • Pursuing Your Victory | TV Special

    Episode 6

    God gives Moses steps to pursuing victory in Shion in Deuteronomy 2:24-31. God tells Moses that the victory is already his before he goes out in battle. In order to pursue victory you need to engage with the demonic. Respect must be earned in the supernatural. Learn from Jesus' example on how to ...

  • Murder He Spoke | TV Special

    Episode 7

    In Matthew 12:33-37, we learn how one can identify a tree by its fruit. In the same way, you can tell what's in the heart of a person by their fruit. The fruit Jesus is speaking about is the words we speak. Because out of the abundance of the heart - the mouth speaks. The gifts of the Holy Spirit...

  • Revealing the Antichrist | TV Special

    Episode 8

    The Bible mentions many characteristics of the antichrist. There are also five major events that must take place before Jesus returns. The first one being the Restoration of Israel and the second being the Rise of Russia.

    Apostles Siva & Jessie discuss and explain these events.

  • How to See in The Spirit | TV Special

    Episode 9

    The current world events are related to the last days before Jesus' return. There are different times or periods of the last days. We read what Jesus said about what must happen before His return in Mat 24:4-8.The first thing is Nation will rise against nation and the second Kingdom against kingd...

  • Fetching the Bride of Christ | TV Special

    Episode 10

    God the Father is the law giver, Jesus is the Administrator & the Holy Spirit is the Manifester. The Holy Spirit is sent by The Father and is given specific instructions to fetch, prepare & mature the Bride for Christ, just as Abraham sent his servant to fetch a bride for Isaac. The Bride has alr...

  • Servanthood of The Holy Spirit | TV Special

    Episode 11

    The story of Abraham sending his servant to fetch Isaac's bride in Gen 24:1-4 is a typology. Abraham is a type of The Father, The Servant is a type of The Holy Spirit & Isaac is a type of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is very close to The Father mentioned in John 14:15-17. Both Jesus & The Father are v...

  • The Seven Things Jesus said on The Cross | TV Special

    Episode 12

    If you knew you were at the climax of your life, what would you say? If the last words spoken before someone passes on can hold such weight – how much more are the last words of Jesus as He hung on the Cross before ‘it was finished’?

    Jesus’ time on the earth had reached its climax. The hour had ...

  • Pursuit and Recovery | Session 1

    Episode 13

    There is no recovery without pursuit! In this episode, Apostles Siva and Jessie teach you from Deuteronomy 2 the four steps to pursue and recover your total restoration. It's time to 'rise up' and 'take your journey'!

  • Pursuit and Recovery | Session 2

    Episode 14

    To recover what was lost, you need to have a word from God. Discover how to hear God's voice to receive your divine instructions for overflowing restoration.

  • Pursuit and Recovery | Session 3

    Episode 15

    Apostles Siva and Jessie Moodley finish step three and teach step four. You've heard from God. You received the instruction. Now it's time to 'contend in battle' and take what is yours!

  • Pursuit and Recovery | Session 4

    Episode 16

    Apostles Siva and Jessie continue teaching on how to pursue and recover. Learn how wealth transfer is yours for the taking and how to reclaim it.

  • Pursuit and Recovery | Session 5

    Episode 17

    Apostles Siva and Jessie conclude on wealth transfers. You'll also learn about the authentication process in the spirit realm and what happens after you have pursued and recovered all.

  • How to use Resurrection Power | TV Special

    Episode 18

    Scripture says when Jesus hung on the Cross, He was so disfigured that He didn't even look human...but three days later His body that was damaged beyond repair came back to life completely perfect and whole - no trace of sickness, disease, organ failure or anything else. The only evidence that th...

  • How to use Resurrection Power (Resurrection Sunday 2021) | Session 1

    Episode 19

    Your healing didn't occur when Jesus was whipped. Your healing was purchased on the Cross when Jesus took upon Himself every sickness, disease, ailment and pain. But it took resurrection power to raise His damaged body back to life.

  • How to use Resurrection Power (Resurrection Sunday 2021) | Session 2

    Episode 20

    Learn through Apostle Siva's personal experience how God raises the dead and how to operate in the supernatural.

  • How to use Resurrection Power (Resurrection Sunday 2021) | Session 3

    Episode 21

    Find out the conclusion in this episode. You have resurrection power, and now is the time for you to use it!

  • Healing Vs Miracles | Session 1

    Episode 22

    Healing and the Gift of Healing are two separate things we need to understand. There is a difference between being 'healed' and being 'made whole'. Learn the differences and why it matters in this episode.

  • Healing Vs Miracles | Session 2

    Episode 23

    You need to first invest in your faith before you pursue your miracle. Learn the key ingredients to build your faith, why the right environment matters and how to keep your miracle after you've received it.

  • Healing Vs Miracles | Session 3

    Episode 24

    The Gift of Faith is a temporary, supernatural, total belief in the impossible, no matter the circumstances. Learn how to walk in this gift of the Spirit.